Dec 16 2017

“TOBIN TALK” What’s going on in the neighborhood!

Greetings to All!

The Holiday Party was great fun for everyone who attended.  Homemade Tamales by Flora were a delicious hit accompanied by various sides brought in by the neighbors.  A special thanks to Jacob and Amanda for hosting the gathering in their beautifully decorated Historic home.

This year the Christmas Sweater contest was very competitive and well thought out by all the participants.  The judges for this year’s competition were District One Councilmen Roberto Trevino and last year’s Sweater competition Winner Cyrus Askin.

THE REEN was the entertainment for the evening.  “THE REEN” A one man Acoustic Guitar player played many top forty numbers along with Holiday Favorites.

It was really a special evening to have so many neighbors (approximately 55) to gather and ring in the Holidays Tobin Hill Style.



As Tobin Hill Community Association’s Membership Officer, it is my job is to help grow THCA’s membership. Since its’ we have seen our community organization grow and prosper. We have tried to represent all of Tobin Hill, both residents and business in a proactive and fair way. Our growth (both in members and financially) has been impressive. In fact, our 2017 membership roster included 49 new members. For our growth to continue, we need you continued support by renewing your membership for 2018.

As we continue to grow, the more time it takes to reach out to each member and obtain their renewal. This is where YOU can help. I would consider it a personal favor if you would renew your Residential Membership NOW. Doing this will help reduce our follow-up efforts in January. Please go to the for Membership forms.


Elevated Blood Pressure A Risk For Dementia?

~ The Institute for Functional Health

When it comes to high blood pressure, too many patients fall into the trap of thinking that their medication will make everything ok. While it may help keep their numbers in check for a time, if lifestyle factors aren’t addressed, the number of pills may increase to 2, 3 or even a 4th (we’ve seen it happen!) and still stay uncontrolled. The concern is that elevated blood pressure can lead to other risk factors beyond just cardiovascular stress, as a new study has suggested. It also implies that the time in life it develops may also influence certain risk factors.

Looking at women who developed high blood pressure in their forties, they were shown to be at much higher risk of dementia later in life. While there have been prior studies linking elevated blood pressure with dementia, there hasn’t been as much evidence relating it with those having issues with it before their 50’s. For this study that was published in October in the journal Neurology, researchers looked at records of more than 5,600 patients and tracked them over a 15-year period to see who developed dementia and if there was a correlation with hypertension.

What they found was that women who developed high blood pressure in their 40’s did show an increased risk of dementia, which could run as high as 73%! (This was even after accounting for other factors like smoking, diabetes and excess weight.)

Keep in mind that the brain is a very metabolically active organ (or at least it SHOULD be…) and requires a large amount of oxygen and nutrients in order to function properly. Because of that, it has a very proliferative blood supply system associated with it. If circulatory issues arise that begin to compromise that supply to the brain, it could have the potential to affect overall health and function of our most important organ! Therefore, longer-term issues with blood pressure could cause prolonged stress to the brain and be a prominent factor with issues such as developing dementia.

All that being said, it makes sense to keep your blood pressure under control as much as possible. This can sometimes be a challenging process, as so many factors predispose you to having elevated levels. Stress is always a major player, and emotions from anger to anxiety to frustration can all drive the numbers upward, especially if these are experienced regularly. Be it traffic or work environments or relationships, it always seems there is something to “push your buttons”, but learning how to keep the emotions in check can do the same for your blood pressure.

What we focus on heavily through our office is managing the chemical and physical stresses that can affect blood pressure. From a dietary standpoint, limiting pro-inflammatory foods (sugars, processed foods, etc.) and foods that are reactive to the body (allergies, sensitivities) will help keep it in a calmer state. Blood sugar balance, sodium intake and the amount of cholesterol and lipids circulating in the system will also affect blood pressure status, and can be easily controlled with better dietary management.

Pain is a major stressor to the body, and along with persistent inflammation, can cause regular elevations in blood pressure. Addressing the root causes of those nagging muscle and joint pains or overall body aches can easily give your body less reasons to be in red alert mode. Not only is pain physically uncomfortable, but it typically adds mental stress as well, which can give the blood pressure battle a double whammy.

So, if you’re female, in your 40’s, and already dealing with blood pressure issues, it may be time to make an overhaul in one or more aspects of your life. We have many ways to help keep a better state of balance in the body, and in addition, get you feeling better in the process. And it just may save your memory as well!

Important Dates to Remember:


January 25, 2018

Dec 12 2017

THCA Holiday Party




The Association will provide Tamales

Please bring a side dish, a friend, your favorite Cheer… Wear your ugly sweater!

Ugly Sweater contest Judged by Councilmen Roberto Trevino and Last years winner Cyrus Askin!


“THE REEN” will be the entertainment for the Evening.


Please bring a canned food item to contribute to the FOOD BANK donation station at the Party.

Dec 01 2017

“TOBIN TALK” What’s going on in the Neighborhood!

Greetings to All!

Really hard to imagine that it is already December!!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and were able to enjoy your time.

Now we are entrenched in the Holiday Preparation….Decorating, Party’s, Shopping , Preparing the house for guests.  This is such a beautiful time of the year and I hope you and yours are healthy.

As you are know there are so many events that take place this time of year. I am pleased to announce that THCA along with HEB have contributed Turkeys(6) to District One Councils Senior Holiday Dance set for December 8th at the America Legion Alamo Post 2 from 10-noon.  I am incredibly grateful we are able to contribute to this Holiday event that gives back to the community.

With the new year around the corner we will be off to a busy start in 2018 with THCA Board Elections on January 25th.  More details to follow.  Please stay tuned.



The Association will provide Tamales. Please bring a side dish, a friend, and wear your ugly sweater!

Ugly Sweater contest Judged by Councilmen Roberto Trevino and Last Years Winner Cyrus Askin!

Please bring a canned food item to contribute to the FOOD BANK donation station at the Party.

Streetcars in Tobin Hill

by Ricki Kushner – revision of a previously published article

Public transportation had a great influence on the development of Tobin Hill.

Public transportation in San Antonio began in 1878 with a streetcar route from Main Plaza north to San Pedro Park.  Col. Augustus Belknap owned the system which consisted of mule-drawn cars.  The mule barn was where San Antonio College is now located. (1)  The first electric trolleys appeared in 1890(2), with the car barn located where the mule barn had been.(3)  The start of World War I reduced the construction of new homes, but after the Armistice in 1918, vacant land began to be developed again.(4)  By 1919 the eastern part of Tobin Hill, anchored by the Pearl Brewery, was served by a streetcar that ran from Dallas St. to Brooklyn, to McCullough, then to E. Locust, to Kendall, up Jones Ave.(now St. Mary’s) to King’s Court, in the vicinity of Brackenridge Park.(5)  All went well until the Depression, with lower ridership and municipal financial hardship.  In 1933, the Public Service Company, which ran the streetcars, bought out its contract with the City of San Antonio; and streetcars became a thing of the past.(6)

(1) S.A. Express-News, n.d.
(2) S.A. Express magazine, Oct. 1, 1953.
(3) “Convenient streetcar service helped shape city’s growth” / Paula Allen, S.A. Express-News, Sept. 14, 1999.
(4) Tobin Hill Neighborhood Plan. City of San Antonio Planning Dept., 2008.
(5) San Antonio Streetcar Guide 1919 /  Ed Gaida. Pub. by author, 1999.
(6) San Antonio on Wheels / Hugh Hemphill, 2009.

Metropolitan Methodist Hospital Update

2017 continues to be an exciting year at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital as it has once again earned the status as a “Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality” from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation; one of only 3 facilities in Texas to earn this designation. The HRC criteria focuses on hospital practices that demonstrate a commitment to equitable, inclusive care for LGBTQ patients and their families, who can face significant challenges in securing the quality healthcare and respect they deserve.  Other important criteria include non-discriminatory and inclusive hiring and training processes for hospital staff.

For the third consecutive cycle, the hospital has also received an “A” grade in hospital safety from the Leapfrog Group.  Metro is the only hospital in the downtown area to receive the “A” grade, and has done so for the previous five out of six grading cycles (grades are given bi-annually).  The Leapfrog Group is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to driving quality, safety, and transparency in the U.S. health system. You can read more about their Hospital Safety Grade system, which has quickly become the industry’s gold standard for measuring patient safety, by visiting

Our mission – Serving Humanity to Honor God by providing exceptional and cost-effective healthcare accessible to all – drives everything at Metropolitan Methodist.  In October, Metropolitan hosted its 5th annual breast cancer survivors’ luncheon with over 100 attendees.  The program included recognition of survivors and a presentation of 250 heart-shaped pillows, created by Girl Scout Troop 739 for patients.

We are thankful to the Tobin Hill Community Association for your continued partnership as we serve our shared community, and look forward to another great year in 2018!

Nov 14 2017

THCA Public Meeting

Greetings Neighbors!!

Public Meeting this Thursday November 16th at 6PM

Eco-Centro 1802 N. Main


Agenda Items to Include:

*THCA 10th Anniversary of Historic Designation

*Regional Center Update

*Drainage Project Update

*Sign up for Volunteering at the Food Bank for the Holiday’s

*Code Enforcement


PIZZA Social to follow at

THE MIX 2423 N St. Mary’s

“Please Bring a Friend”



December 14th 6:30 PM

306 E. Myrtle

More Details to Follow

Nov 03 2017

“TOBIN TALK” What’s going on in the Neighborhood!

Greetings Neighbors!!

I hope this finds you well. I am happy to report that the Movie Night in the Park was a huge success!!! We had a few more than 85 Neighbors in attendance!! The weather was just perfect for an evening in the Park! Many enjoyed an array of food from several trucks. A big THANK YOU to District One Councils office, San Antonio College as well as Metropolitan Methodist hospital for their support! A big Thanks is also in order for THCA Board Member Trey Porter for being the Board lead for organizing the first of many movie nights in the Park to come. Stay tuned!!


Website Updates:

Please note on the Website “TOBINHILL.ORG” there is a new entry under the Community Association Tab…it is a Calendar the will have all of the upcoming events pertinent to THCA.

Speaking of Calendars… Please note the next THCA Public meeting is set for November 16th at EcoCentro.


The Tobin Hill Historic District is 10 Years Old!

Contributed by Marty Kushner

We did it, the Tobin Hill Historic District is Official was the headline of an e-mail that included a notice that I sent to many Tobin Hill residents on November 30, 2007. The notice went on to say: “On November 29, 2007, at approximately 5:15 pm, the San Antonio City Council approved a City Ordnance to establish the Tobin Hill Historic District. This capped an effort that started in 2004. Turing the three-year period, many Tobin Hill residents took part in the process to collect the required signatures to begin the application process.”

The official request was submitted on August 23, 2017, unanimously approved by the Historic Design and Review Board (September 19) and the Zoning Commission (November 6) prior to unanimous approval of the City Ordnance by the San Antonio City Council. It didn’t take us long to celebrate our success. By 6 pm a group of over 20 Tobin Hill residents that spoke in favor of the designation at the City Council meeting were at the Kushner residence “to toast our victory, tell stories of Tobin Hill and discuss the hopes and dreams for the future.”

The notice concluded with this thought: “THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT for all of us. With the Riverwalk expansion, Pearl Brewery, River North and the potential of a new Performing Arts Center at the Municipal Auditorium, we are a neighborhood on the move… so lets all unite and help move Tobin Hill forward.”

Well, that was 10 years ago, and I have to say that the concluding statement certain has proven to be true, both for the Tobin Hill Historic District, and all of Tobin Hill. I remember hearing many naysayers suggest the proposed Tobin Hill Historic District would be extremely harmful to the neighborhood. I honestly believe the opposite has been proven to be true. And most importantly, THE FUTURE CONTINUES TO BE BRIGHT.


How Tobin Hill Got Its Name

As the years passed, the part of the city between San Pedro Creek and the Upper Labor acequia (now the southwestern section of the neighborhood) became known as the Old Main Association as the land was sold to the Maverick family, Gillum & Yongue, and other large landholders. Part of the area now known as Tobin Hill was the result of an 1876 lawsuit between Gillum & Yongue and the City. In a lawsuit for clear title, the City had misinterpreted the amount of land in a “labor” (seven acres inside city limits, but 177 acres outside city limits). It awarded Gillum & Yongue 177 acres. When it realized its mistake, the City sued but did not win the land back. Gillum subdivided the 177 acres into lots, donated two blocks on either side of Main Ave. to the City as what is now known as Crockett Park, and sold the remaining lots, which became known as Gillum Addition. At that time developers didn’t build the houses, the owners of the lots did.(3)

During the 1880s and 1890s, when members of the Tobin family built seven homes in that area, the Old Main Association and Gillum Addition began to be known as Tobin Hill.(4) Unfortunately, none of those houses exists today.

(2) Unknown newspaper article, “Court error gave away Tobin Hill”, dated June 21, 1927 – DRT Library.

(3) Ibid.

(4) San Antonio on Track: the Suburban and Street Railway Complex through 1937 / Ann Maria Watson. Trinity U., 1982.

[Reprint from Sept. 2011 THCA Newsletter. This was the 2nd in a series about the history of Tobin Hill.]


Oct 13 2017

“TOBIN TALK” What’s going on in the Neighborhood!!

Greetings to All!!


National Night Out 2017

To say that the Tobin Hill National Night out event on Tuesday October 3rd was a success would be an understatement.  Over 60 people (Residents and Guests) were among the Attendee’s.

A Special Thank you to Jacob and Amanda for hosting at their home. Many outdoor activities were enjoyed by all ages and more thanks are due to all involved.  Hot Dogs were served, along with various sides that the neighbors contributed. As for special guests, SAFD with the Fire Truck that children thoroughly enjoyed and found it fascinating. The neighborhood SAFE Officer Robert Rodriguez representing the Police Department, as well as Councilmen Trevino and staff,  Representatives from Congressman Lloyd Doggetts, State Senator Jose’ Menendez, State District 123 Representative Diego Bernal. Retired SAPD officer Eddie Gonzales showed off his Vintage Squad Car. Thanks to the “Grilling Team” Tom Flynn and others. The Dogs were great!

The entire Event was coordinated by NNO Chair Amanda Delong.  Thank you Amanda! Here are some images of the folks that were having a great night out …

Movie Night out in Crockett Park

Join us for our first Movie Night in Crockett Park! We would love to make it a huge success so please come out and bring your Neighbors and Friends! Please see flyer below:


From the President!

It is great to be back online! As many of you know the website is back up!! We continue to tweak various parts of the site to make it more functional. We will be launching an every other week update to the website which you will be receiving a link to read the updates.

The next Public meeting is slated for November 16th. Please note this is the 3rd Thursday not the 4th Thursday due to Thanksgiving. It is the time of year that we have the Nominating Committee working on Nominations for 2018. We will have two resident vacancies and one business vacancy. If you are interested in serving on the Board please reach out to Byron Berkus or Trey Porter . We continue to look for new talent for the board so I encourage each of you to get out of your comfort zone and serve your Neighborhood!!

Apr 01 2017

April Message From THCA President Cody Doege

Cody Doege,Greetings to all and Viva Fiesta!!!!!

Yes, it’s that time of year and we are getting ready to make it the best of Fiestas yet!!!  Stands selling sizzling fajitas. Majorettes strutting as military bands march. Cascarones, colorful eggshells filled with confetti, dotting the crowds with prismatic color as they’re broken. Extravagantly decorated floats. Music, mariachi, blues, jazz, rock, country coming from everywhere. These are just some of the sights and sounds of San Antonio’s Fiesta, our extravagant 11 day citywide party. This year marks the event’s 126th anniversary.  Get out and enjoy the rich culture that our great city has to offer.
Many Neighbors often suggest how cool it would be to have a sanctioned fiesta event in Tobin hill. I could not agree more!  So with that comment in mind I challenge you, and you know who you are, to research this and get with me and or the Board with the details for future years!!!

This is the First year for THCA to have its own Fiesta Medal!  I encourage you to get yours while they last!  Please feel free to reach out to me or one of the Board members to get your own…
Visit for a complete list of Fiesta events and descriptions, and get a taste of the festivities with photos and videos from previous years.

Until next time!!
Cody Doege

Apr 01 2017

THCA March Public Meeting Report

With 45 members in attendance, the March 23rd Public meeting was well attended with many new faces and several new neighbor signing up as members.  Some of the Highlight of the meeting included Dr. Vela with San Antonio College presented on the Bond for the College District and many of the line item expenditures. The City of San Antonio Senior Planner Garrett Phillips presented briefly on the Implementations of the Comprehensive Plan and the time lines around the upcoming Planning Meetings.  He did allow everyone who was interested in being apprised of the timelines to sign up for the email notices. .  .  Councilman Trevino updated the Neighbors on District 1.  Amanda Delong was voted onto the Board of Directs into the vacated Justin Johnson’s seat. The THCA Fiesta Medal was unveiled and a well-attended social followed at Tycoon Flats. Fun was had by all. It is always great to see the community enjoying working and playing together. Below are a few images from the meeting at the Eco Centro building, thanks to the THCA photographer Chad Walling.





Apr 01 2017

April Book Club Meeting

April Book Club selection is Eva Luna by Isabel Allende.

We will meet on Thursday, April 6, 2017, 7:00 PM at the home of Alma Rocha, 335 E Park Ave.  For questions or inquiries, or 210-865-2569.