March Message From THCA President Cody Doege

Cody Doege,Greetings Neighbors!  Happy March!!
I certainly hope that note finds you all well, what with Spring in the air.  It is hard to imagine that we are facing temperatures in the 80’s this time of year.
As I have mentioned several times in the last few months, we have a lot going on here in Tobin Hill.  We continue to look to our neighbors for help on various committees.  Please let me know if you might be available to volunteer your time. We can connect most easily via – I look forward to hearing from you.
Just what does the “association” in neighborhood/community association represent? For some, it is like minded people coming together to work toward the mutual goal of improving their quality of life.
For others, neighborhood/community associations are responsible for honoring neighborhood history, while strengthening the existing infrastructure. This includes being actively aware of endeavors occurring in and around their community and the entire city, as they relate to home. By doing so, they call attention to the value of their neighborhoods.
Neighborhood/Community associations are some combination of all of the above and conceived during the times when neighbors knew and took care of each other.
The fact of the matter then and especially now, is that justification has to be built on more than a proposition of change. It must include the same motivation that previously prompted neighborhood concern. It’s just that simple and just that complex.
How can neighborhood/community associations provide a foundation for seeking healthier living conditions? Should they advocate for infrastructure improvements like better streets, sidewalks, speed bumps, an effective police presence, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Do those kind of goals make neighborhood/community associations the common voice? Speaking for the leadership of the THCA, I can assure you we strive to work synonymously to achieve like goals..
Living in a Democracy is what is so great about the Land we live in.  Diversity is a good thing…I feel strongly that is why Tobin Hill is a great place to LIVE, WORK & PLAY!!
Until next time,

Cody Doege