Stranger Danger Tip from SAPD Downtown Bike Patrol

Sep 08 2016

Stranger Danger Tip from SAPD Downtown Bike Patrol

This good advice was published recently by the SAPD Downtown Bike Patrol on the Tobin Hill Nextdoor webpage. Thanks to Officer Zuniga #1498 for the thoughts; more details are available on the Nextdoor webpage here.

Criminals come up with new schemes all the time to try and get into your home or business and they’ll either use charisma, your good heart or force to do so. PLEASE… be careful who you open your door to and make sure your home or business is properly secured. Unlocked house doors, open garage doors and open windows are an open invitation for criminals to target you. Don’t give criminals the opportunity to target you.

• Don’t open doors to strangers… you can talk to them through the door while it’s closed, let them know you are calling police or just ignore them completely
• Some strangers will use a clever story to gain entry into your home. Be very cautious about who you open your door to.
• Use door peep holes to see who at your front door.
• Keep garage doors closed when they are not being used.
• Keep doors and windows to your home/car closed and locked.
• If you’re not comfortable with a situation call police A.S.A.P.
• BE Alert, BE Aware, LOOK Around!

If you see something, say something and please report it ASAP…
911 for emergencies and 207-SAPD (7273) for non-emergency calls.
If a situation seems wrong or if you have a feeling of uneasiness about a situation report it, trust your instincts.