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THCA President

Cody Doege, East Myrtle St: Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 7 years (RESIDENT) Cody Doege born and raised in New Berlin, TX. Earned a Bachelor of Science from SWT in San Marcos, TX. Cody is an active Member of Christ Lutheran Church of Elm Creek and is employed with The Medicines Company. He has lived in Tobin Hill for five years and his focus to the community is to engage and encourage sound growth through each Resident’s wants and needs. Municipal accountability and Compliance Strategies is of utmost importance.

THCA Board Members

Michael Cepek, Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 7 years (RESIDENT) Michael has been in Tobin Hill since mid-2008, when he bought a 1927 house on East Courtland Place, in the historical district. He is a Chicago native, and came to San Antonio to begin working as a professor of cultural anthropology at UTSA. Within six months of his 2007 arrival, he knew he would stay for a long time, which is why he moved from an apartment in Monte Vista to Tobin Hill. Although Michael is 41 years old, he enjoys frequenting the clubs and venues on the St. Mary’s strip with his partner Amy Rushing, who is Head of Special Collections at the UTSA Libraries. He knows many of the owners and workers of businesses along the strip, and believes he would be a good connection to that very significant part of our neighborhood. Many folks here have seen him walking his two dogs–a rat terrier and a chihuahua–along our streets, and a few others have already met his parents, John and Char, who recently bought a home in Tobin Hill to get away from Chicago winters. Michael has long been interested in various neighborhood issues: keeping our homes and streets safe; working to maintain a good balance between Tobin Hill’s history as a mixed residential and business/entertainment district; and helping to make sure the neighborhood remains open and affirming for our many LGBTQ residents, as his brother is gay and his family has a long history of involvement with Parents, Friends, and Family of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).


Charlie Dick, 606 E Myrtle St: Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 7 months (RESIDENT). Charlie moved into his historic Tobin Hill home in June of 2015. Over many years he worked in several different roles including: as a management consultant in many different corporate environments; as a corporate planner for a major oil company; and later, as an IT manager for a global engineering firm, where he designed, installed, and then ran a world-wide computer network linking port city engineering offices. Along with the corporate roles, he has been both involved in several different organizations including a computer tech society where is was elected as the Director and a condo association, where he was Treasurer and also served as the on-site project manager for several rehab projects after Hurricane Ike flooded out the first floor of the building.”


Ben Fairbank: East Magnolia Ave: Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 8 years (RESIDENT) Ben graduated from Harvard College in 1964, graduate school (Ph. D in experimental Psychology) in Tucson in 1968, lived in El Paso, then moved to San Antonio in 1979. He has taught both cognitive psychology and statistics part-time at several local colleges, worked for four different consulting and research companies in San Antonio, and has been a small business owner. He is now retired. He moved from Monte Vista in 2007 and has been a member of Tobin Hill Community Association virtually since its inception. He is a former THCA Board member, and has also serves as the chairman of the Zoning Task Force. While working with the Zoning Task Force he has been impressed with the importance of the Tobin Hill Neighborhood Plan and its implementation, particularly as such matters are relevant to zoning. He hopes to advise and/or inform the Board on questions relevant to zoning matters. Ben believes that increased participation and membership in THCA will lead to increased effectiveness, and will advocate continuing efforts to increase THCA membership.


Elyse Galik, East Park Ave: Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 3 years (RESIDENT) Elyse is a recent addition to the Tobin Hill community. In June 2013 she moved to San Antonio with her husband, Richard, and Magic, their devoted companion. Over the past two years she and Richard have been restoring the house on East Park. Elyse has worked for banks, credit unions, thrift institutions, non-bank banks, and Sallie Mae. She’s also been the treasurer of multiple associations, and has had an extensive career as the CFO of several private firms. Elyse has direct knowledge of banking, lending, the credit approval process, financial operations, employee benefits, and business accounting systems.


Richard Hartman, Tycoon Flats, 2926 St. Mary’s, Business Owner in Tobin Hill 6 years (BUSINESS) Richard earned his Bachelor of Science from Texas A&M university in 1997 and has been in the restaurant business ever since. Starting at a 5 star Resort in Vail, Colorado and then spent 2 years at Olive Garden, a Darden Restaurant Group concept. Richard has since been in small community style restaurants , first at Cheesy Jane’s on Broadway for 4 years, then at his brothers DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks in Alamo Heights for 4 years, and since 2008, Tycoon Flats in Tobin Hill. Since re-opening Tycoon Flats in 2008, he has tried to make Tycoon Flats a good example of what businesses in Tobin Hill area should be, family friendly, responsible, clean and most importantly, part of the community. Tycoon Flats has donated food for different volunteer community events as well as been very active with the Arts on the Hill 2nd Fridays. Richard has been on the board of the Midtown TIRZ since 2009 representing St. Mary’s corridor interests in the Midtown Master Plan. He sees Tobin Hill as his business home and hopes to help THCA increase its presence and positive influence with the businesses on the N. St Mary’s corridor and other areas of the community as well as continuing to be an example for future THCA business members.


Justin Johnson, 720 Atlanta: Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 1 Year (RESIDENT). For the past 7 years Justin and his wife have lived in multiple countries and have understood what it is like to depend on your local community when relatives are not nearby. Just like friends, the community you live is the family you decided pick. Now settled in Tobin Hill, we have plans to stay as long as we can. I greatly enjoy serving my community. As a board member I can see first-hand what the community needs and create a larger impact serving as a THCA board member but am also willing to be hands-on. I am a huge proponent of the phrase “a good leader must be a good follower”. I have an AS in Communications Technology and extensive skills in computer networking and security. I have served in vice president, secretary, and treasurer roles in work-related booster clubs to improve the morale of the work-place by holding fundraisers, hosting events, and providing volunteer opportunities to support those in need in the local community. As a board member, I would like to boost THCA’s social media efforts to assist in the continued growth of the neighborhood physically and in the relations we have with our residential/business neighbors.


Larry Polinard, Mr. Pencil/ShredCo, 1000 N. Main: Business Owner in Tobin Hill for over 40 years (BUSINESS) Larry Polinard grew up in New Orleans. He received his Undergraduate degree from St. Mary’s University and his Graduate degree from TCU. In 2014 Larry celebrates his 40th year as a businessman in the Tobin Hill area, where he operates Mr. Pencil Office Supply Co, Adtech copier~sales & service, and Shredco confidential residential records destruction company. He is the past president of the Tobin Hill Alliance, an organization that was founded to establish unity between the two adversarial community associations. He sees the purpose of our association being that of creating a better living & working environment by establishing harmony between the business & residential community while not sacrificing the historical integrity & rich heritage we have been given.


Greg A. Seiler, CEO – Metropolitan Methodist Hospital in Tobin Hill for 4 Years (BUSINESS).Greg Seiler has served as CEO of Metropolitan Methodist Hospital since 2012 when he rejoined the Methodist Family. During this time Metropolitan Methodist Hospital has experienced tremendous growth and improvement. The accomplishments include improvement in patient satisfaction scores, the opening of the new ICU tower and the beginning of the Intensivist program for the critical care patients. Greg and his wife of 25 years, Donna, have two daughters, Reagan and Whitney. A native of San Antonio, Greg received his master’s in healthcare administration from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas and his bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.


Charles Sumerset, 622 E. Locust: Resident/Owner in Tobin Hill for 8 Years (RESIDENT). Charles is an Inventory Management Specialist at the South Texas Veteran Hospital, San Antonio, TX. A Persian Gulf War Veteran he served 20 years in the United States Navy as an Aviation Ordnance Chief Petty Officer, before joining the VA Hospital. Born in Blakely, Georgia. Married to Deirdre (Walker) Sumerset of Milford, Connecticut for 24 years, a father of three with 4 grandchildren. A lifetime member of the Buffalo Soldiers Society of New Mexico. His interest includes woodworking, gardening, computers, and stamp collecting. Also can be seen with a big smile riding his motorcycle around Tobin Hill. Charles is a graduate of The New Mexico Community College of Albuquerque, NM.


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