"TOBIN TALK" What's Going On In The Neighborhood?

Jan 30 2018

“TOBIN TALK” What’s Going On In The Neighborhood?

Greetings to All!

The THCA Annual meeting was held Thursday 1/25/18 at Eco Centro.  Election of new Board members was a large part of the meeting….See the Ballot and Results below. Fellowship followed at TYCOON FLATS with Neighbors visiting and enjoying the FLATS fare. Thanks to Richard and Malcomb the owners for Happy Hour prices for the Group!



El Mardi Gras

The 2nd annual El Mardi Gras will be held on February 11th, from 1:00-6:00 PM, at the corner of St. Mary’s and Mistletoe.  The money raised from this event goes back into the Tobin Hill community.  We are looking for volunteers to help the day of the event with set up, trash collection during the event, and clean up.  A volunteer sign up will go out soon.  Thanks so much for considering helping out during this fun and purposeful event.  We look forward to seeing you there!







Go Nuts If You’re Looking To Prevent Heart Disease

~ Institute for Functional Health

The phrase “decreasing your risk for stroke or heart attack” usually has some not too pleasant implications that go with it. Hopefully you’re not at the stage that requires taking blood pressure or cholesterol-lowering medication to keep them from becoming excessive. If not, then that means you can focus on the prevention approach, which is usually easier and less unpleasant. Maybe as easy as adding a handful of nuts to your daily diet?

According to a new study funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, that may be all it takes to start you on the path. Researchers looked at the diets of more than 210,00 adults that were tracked for 32 years and discovered that the people who regularly ate walnuts, peanuts, cashews and other nuts had a lower risk of heart disease!

Most nuts typically contain higher amounts of healthy fats, beneficial fiber and nutrients that can help lower cardiovascular disease risk. They are also a healthier snack option rather than partaking of chips, crackers or pretzels if you’re looking for some crunch (with a nutritional and health punch!). Just be careful not to overindulge, as nuts are more calorie dense and the total can add up quickly if you’re not mindful of your portions.

Now, there may have been other healthy lifestyle habits that the study subjects were incorporating as part of their lifestyle, but all that was looked at was the relationship between risk and nut consumption. What the researchers found with the study group, compared to people who didn’t consume nuts, was:

  • Eating walnuts one or more times a week gave about a 20% lower risk of heart disease
  • Consuming peanuts two or more times per week showed about 14% lower risk
  • Eating any tree nuts (almonds, cashews, etc.) in general decreased risk by 15-23%
  • A lower stroke risk was seen in people who ate peanuts and walnuts.

Not a bad bit of benefit from adding a tasty snack! And if you’re incorporating healthy foods along with regular exercise, and giving your body plenty of water and rest to boot, you’ve got a good foundation to help keep future health problems in the “less likely” category. While there are never any guarantees with our health, it doesn’t hurt to try and stack the odds in our favor for a long, healthy life.

On a side note, certain people may need to be careful with peanuts. They remain in the top 10 for food allergies, with reactions that can range from severe breathing issues to promoting low grade inflammation in the body if an intolerance was developed due to leaky gut syndrome. Our patients learn how to properly test for sensitivity once the body has been cleared out and reset with a good cleanse and dietary modifications. As always, you need to know which foods are good for your body and keep the reactive ones out as much as possible.

So for now, think about adding some nuts to your diet and give your heart health a boost! You may even find you’ve discovered a healthier option to replace some unnecessary junk food choices that may have been doing just the opposite!