Tobin Hill is growing. As a neighborhood, we are excited to see positive changes in our area, and are actively working with property owners, architects, developers and the City on projects that preserve our unique feel and character and help our community grow.

If you currently own or are looking at purchasing a property for development in Tobin Hill, we have prepared some resources for you.

Tobin Hill Neighborhood Plan:

This Plan was adopted by the City of San Antonio in 2008, and provides a guide to Zoning and Land Uses in all areas of the neighborhood, as well as the community’s overall vision for Tobin Hill.  The Plan can be viewed in its entirety on the City of San Antonio’s website here:

Historic Districts:

If your property is in one of the Historic Districts of Tobin Hill, you will need to make sure your project falls within the City of San Antonio’s Historic Design Guidelines and obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness before beginning your project. THCA can help you with this process. Please contact our Historic Preservation Committee.
Email Ricki Kushner, Historic Preservation Committee Chairperson | (210) 223-2814.

If you’re unsure whether or not your property is in one of the Historic Districts, you can use the City’s Address Search Tool.


If your project requires rezoning, please get in contact with THCA’s Zoning and Development Committee (ZDC). Our ZDC can help you navigate the rezoning process, as well as discuss the aspects of your project like massing, scale, density, and any potential changes to the Land Use, to help make your rezoning successful. Please contact:
Email Rick Schell, Zoning Chairperson | (210) 889-4424


Both the Historic Preservation Committee and the Zoning and Development Committee hold regular monthly meetings with property owners and developers. Meeting times can be found on our calendar.


If you have project ideas that are outside of these categories, please get into contact with the THCA Board.
Email Larkin O’Hern, THCA President | (931) 980-4846