Tobin Talk: April 20, 2021

Apr 20 2021

Tobin Talk: April 20, 2021

Greetings Neighbors,

Last week’s neighborhood meeting was a sober one. Councilman Treviño and Jay Podjenski from District 1 were present as well as SAFFE Officer Brigitte Robinson and Joe Frank Picazo from Chief McManus’s office.  The focus of the discussion was the escalating safety concerns for the residents along the N. Saint Mary’s Strip, including issues of gun shots, noise, parking, litter, and public intoxication, as well as what can be done to work with the businesses along the strip to find ways to mitigate these problems. SAPD promised to add more patrols on the weekends (Thursday through Sunday), including Street Crimes Unit, VICE, and partnering with TABC.

We also discussed the recent murder that happened on Evergreen. The investigation is ongoing and SAPD could not share any information, however they are looking for help in identifying the suspect. You can view that post here.

If you missed the meeting, please read the meeting minutes here.

Below you will find the meeting reminder for our May meeting, which is going to be in-person! We will be meeting outdoors at the Terry Ct. Pocket Park at 229 Terry Court. If you have a THCA t-shirt, please wear it!

Read on for this week’s updates from SAPD and D1, as well as information on other upcoming events.

Food Trucks:

Concerns were raised at the meeting about food trucks operating late at night/early in the morning, after many of the bars and clubs close. After looking up the ordinance that covers food trucks, residents asked for help in enforcing the ordinances. This is the response from the District 1 Council Office on the results of last weekend’s activities related to the food trucks:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I received an update from Metro Health about their enforcement activities over the weekend and I wanted to provide you all with the information. Below is the communication from them (in blue).

Our inspectors went out yesterday from 9pm-11pm.   Here is a summary of their food truck sweep.

  • 7 mobile food truck vendors were inspected, and 4 were closed for no permit.  We did not inspect the 2 mobiles that we inspected the previous weeks since those had a follow up after our initial visit.
  • All vendors said they stay open until 2:00am or 2:30am.
  • All vendors had access to a facility restroom, but did not have the permission letters from those facilities.  They were informed that they need those letters.
  • We will be following up this coming weekend, especially to follow up on the letters.   We’ll continue to follow up with SAPD to provide an officer for a 2am sweep.

We will continue to work with Metro Health on enforcement as we work on the draft policy proposal language to review and revise the Food Truck Ordinance.

Thank you.

Jay Podjenski
Chief of Staff

Councilman Roberto C. Treviño, District 1
P.O. Box 839966 | San Antonio | Texas, 78283
P: 210.207.4417

Getting to know the

Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

The TABC is the state agency which grants and enforces the licenses for business who sell and distribute alcohol. This agency responds to complaints for violations such as serving alcohol to intoxicated persons or to patrons under the age of 21. Restaurants, bars and clubs must renew their liquor licenses with the TABC every two years.

The TABC has a mobile app which provides a way for the public to use their services. It is a quick and easy way to file complaints for over-serving, and provides license renewal status, information on past violations, and contact information local bars, restaurants, and clubs. Complaints can be filed anonymously, and the public can request notification of the outcome of any complaints they have filed.

Click here to find the mobile app: 


Chief McManus deployed the Street Crimes Unit to our area starting this weekend and this is his report below. Below his report you will see a secondary report from our SAPD SAFFE Officer, Brigitte Robinson.

Update from Chief McManus:

To follow up on our discussion, below is information on the efforts of the Street Crimes Unit (SCU) this past week:

  • Arrested Persons: 3
  • Misd Charges: 6
  • Felony Charges: 2
  • Felony Warrants: 1
  • DWIs: 2
  • Firearms confiscated: 2
  • Warning Citations: 2
    • SCU officers assisted Central in identifying a suspect believed to be responsible for graffiti in the area
    • Officers spoke to employees of the clubs and bars and gathered some intelligence regarding the gunshots in the area
    • Gun shots were fired in the area, and Officers were able to make an arrest and seize the firearm
    • During a proactive traffic stop, officers contacted a gang member with a felony warrant and seized methamphetamine and a rifle

In addition to this activity, patrol officers wrote a total of 54 parking citations in the area.

WP McManus

Update from SAFFE Officer Brigitte Robinson (Neumann):

St. Mary’s Strip Directive Patrol – 4/15/2021- 4/18/2021:

  • Parking Citation: 54
  • Traffic Citation: 0
  • Noise Citations: 0
  • Noise reading attempts: 2
  • Public Intox: 0
  • DWI: 0

4/20/21: The destruction of the bus stop on Luby’s started today. It will take a couple of days but it is in the process. I was also told that in a couple of weeks 900 N Main should be starting to renovate.

St. Mary’s Strip Directive Patrol – 4/5/21- 4/11/21:

  • Parking Citation: 30
  • Traffic Citation: 4 warnings
  • Noise Citations: 0
  • Noise reading attempts: 6
  • Public Intox: 1 arrest (SAPD21066503)
  • DWI: 1 SAPD2066541
  • Other activity: 1 Urinating in public x1705454

4/13/2021: Hope you all are dong well. I just wanted to give you all the updated data for this past week’s directive patrol. I know there is a lot frustration and concern, but know that we are working towards making more progress. Directive patrol, specifically, for the St. Mary’s Strip including the side streets has been in effective for over a month. DWI, vice, and TABC are all aware of the issues and have been working on citations for any/all violations. The sanitary management for the city has also been included for inspections on the food trucks. I’ve been in contact with a few residents and assist on explaining the severity and concerns they have to both the chiefs office and district 1. After speaking with one of the residents today my next steps are to include the fire marshals and the historic association. If there are any other recommendations I am all for ideas. I’m trying to involve every agency and contact that I believe can help push more positive outcomes.

Tobin Hill stretches out towards Main as well and I don’t want you to think that I just focus on the strip. I’ve also been working with TXDOT for providing outreach to the homeless and cleanups. From what I was told Luby’s is staying in busy at least the location on Main. It’s been a long time coming, but the bus stop on Elmira will finally be knocked down. It been a process going through VIA to Luby’s to getting assistance with TX DOT. The Motel across the street has also been being worked on. I was told be the owners they are in the process of possibly selling the property to Budget Lodge that would remodel the whole property. The old Lulu’s is also in the process of being rented out to a chef from California whos opening up a hot dog themed restaurant.

As for the shooting that recently occurred I do not have information I can provide at this time, but as soon as I can I will relay all the details. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you all for your time.

Officer Brigitte Robinson #265
San Antonio Police Department
Central SAFFE Unit
(210) 207-7413 (office)
(210) 912-6662 (mobile)

Please join us for the Tobin Hill Community Association’s
Neighborhood Meeting, outside at the Terry Ct. Pocket Park:

Thursday, May 20, 2021
229 Terry Court

Wear your THCA T-shirt if you have one. Masks encouraged.

Meeting minutes from our previous meeting can be viewed on the Tobin Hill website:  

You do not need to be a member to attend, but if you would like to join or renew your membership you can do so in person at the meeting or on our webpage:

Join District 1 and the City of San Antonio for a police services review session.

We want to hear from you! Join us April 21 at 6 pm to hear from City Manager Erik Walsh, Chief William McManus, and Councilman Treviño by joining our virtual meeting. We will stream live to our Facebook at this link:

The forum will then open up to your questions and feedback. We greatly value your input and hope you’ll join us for this sessions. If you are interested in viewing the first session, please find the recorded video on Facebook as well.

For more information related to SAPD & Me, please visit 

221 Rose Ln: On March 31 a THCA member reported the house at 221 Rose Ln as being partially demolished and left open as a dangerous structure. Board members contacted the City of San Antonio’s Vacant Buildings Case Manager, John Anthony Sanchez. It was determined that the remaining structure was unsafe and could not be salvaged. It was demolished by the city on April 8.

254 E. Russell: The Office of Historic Preservation received a demolition application for the structure at 254 E Russell. The structure isn’t currently designated, and OHP staff is reviewing the property and application. If you have any questions or feedback regarding this property and/or the demolition application please contact Jessica Anderson by Wednesday, April 21.

212 E. Dewey: The City of San Antonio’s Historic Design Review Commission will be reviewing the designation application filed in response to a demolition request for the property at 212 E Dewey. It is scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, April 21. If you have questions about this designation, please contact THCA’s Historic Committee Chair, Ricki Kushner.

📚 Tobin Hill Book Club 📚

The book club meets the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. Locations vary.

May: Ordinary Grace by Kent Krueger
June: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fineby Gail Honeyman

Contact Kathy for location details.

Committee Meetings:
THCA’s  Zoning and Development Committee meets bi-weekly (as needed) to review upcoming planning and zoning cases in the neighborhood. The next scheduled meeting is Monday, April 26th at 6:30PM. Please contact Zoning and Development Chairperson, Rick Schell, to confirm meeting details.

THCA’s Historic Preservation Committee meets monthly to discuss cases that go before the City’s Historic Design Review Commission and Board of Adjustment. The next scheduled meeting is Monday, April 26th, at 6:30PM. Please contact Committee Chair, Ricki Kushner, for meeting details.

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