Uniquely poised to appeal to people from various economic and social backgrounds who are looking to live, work and play in a neighborhood that reflects diversity in every sense of the word. Tobin Hill represents, art, culture, entertainment, music, family, commerce education, growth, potential, and most of all, pride.

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August Message From THCA President Cody Doege

As time evolves Recycling becomes bigger and better. The City of San Antonio is making it easier to recycle! Or…is it? It is time that we all learn more about Recycling because it seems to be a much bigger priority on doing the right thing. Here in the neighborhood I have had several citizens ask about the confusion of what goes in what container that the city provides. Recycling may not be on the top of your priority list, but have you ever asked yourself why not? Recycling is probably one of the easiest things that we can do in ...
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28 July Public Meeting Report

After a short business meeting with approximately 40 members present, The Tobin Hill Community Association took part in a "DYNAMIC EARTH" planetarium production. This production was put on by the San Antonio college/Scobee education center. Following the planetarium feature and a tour of the Scobee Educational Center, a social event was hosted by San Antonio College. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Dee Dee Gonzalez and Dr. Robert Vela for making this event possible and so rewarding for the membership. Thanks also to Cody Doege for the event pictures ...
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San Antonio Conservation Society Now Accepting Grant Applications

The San Antonio Conservation Society is now accepting Grant Applications for financial help with building renovations and education grants. Note, the Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2016 at 4:30 pm. More details are noted below, including links to application forms. It's that time of year when the San Antonio Conservation Society begins receiving applications for building and education grants. The funds used for the grants are proceeds from our annual event, "A Night In Old San Antonio®" (Popularly known as NIOSA®), held in April. Last years, the San Antonio Conservation Society gave over $55,000 in building grants and $17.000 ...
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Pride Parade Report

Last Month, some THCA Members gathered at a favored spot on N. Main to watch the Pride Parade pass by and take in the floats and interesting costumes and makeups in full display. Photos thanks to Gabriel (Santiago) Gonzalez and his faithful companion Rae. TOP LEFT: Gabriel Sanchez and Gabriel Gonzalez; TOP MIDDLE: The Pegasus float, representing one of the many nightclubs on the Main Street Strip; TOP RIGHT:Elyse and Rae LOWER LEFT:(From left to right) Marty Kushner, Gabriel Sanchez Gonzalez & Rae, Charles Sumerset, Dee Sumerset, Elyse Gailk, and Ricki Kushner, all enjoying the parade ...
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THCA Membership Continues To Set New Records

Seven months into 2016, THCA membership continues to increase and reach new highs! As of the end of July, we now have 201 PAID members, a 9% increase over 2015. Included in that number is an impressive 50 new members. If you live or have a business in Tobin Hill, now is the time for you to show your support for our neighborhood by becoming a THCA member. You can find a membership form on our website or call Marty Kushner, THCA Membership Officer, at (210) 223-2814 for more information. Thanks to Marty Kushner, THCA Membership Chair for this report ...
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SAISD Board to Vote on $450 Million Bond, 13-Cent Tax Rate Hike

The following story was published by the Rivard Report on 30 July, 2016 on their website. For more details and further information, please refer to the Rivard Report website here. The 16-member Blue Ribbon Task Force appointed in May by the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD) Board will recommend a new $450 million bond initiative and a 13-cent increase in the district’s Maintenance and Operation tax rate at a special school board meeting Monday.Both the bond initiative and tax rate increase will require voter approval. District administrators, along with Task Force Co-Chairs Mario Barrera and Victoria Moreno-Herrera are expected ...
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A Simple, Natural Recipe For Killing Weeds

Recently, several homeowner oriented websites are posting articles about homemade weed killers. One was recently posted on San Antonio Water System Garden Style companion site here. That article referenced another article from a San Francisco area website (SFGate) that had a similar and other recipes. A link to that SFGate web page is here. A summarized version of the SFGate article is shown below. Effective and fast-acting, homemade orange oil, vinegar and dishwashing detergent weed killer works best for spot treatment of garden and landscape weeds. It’s also handy for dispatching pesky weeds that crop up in walkway and sidewalk ...
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A Very Special Public Meeting July 28th

THCA’s July 28th Public Meeting will be an event that you will not want to miss. Why, you may ask? This unique meeting will take place at the Scobee Education Center’s state of the art Planetarium, on the campus of San Antonio College. The business portion of our meeting will be kept to a minimum to leave plenty of time for the evenings featured event. The Scobee Education Center staff will present an introduction to the Center, including information about the Challenger Learning Center. And then the special treat, a viewing of one of the Planetarium’s spectacular and eduational video ...
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